HD32.3 -CV Direct reading of PMV/PPD - WBGT (table top)

Thermal Comfort meter/ logger complete with sensors to read PMV/PPD according to ISO7730 and ISO 7726. Also possible (add extra probe HP3201.2) to measure the WBGT Index. 

Logging of all parameters, direct reading of PMV and PPD on the screen.
Possibility to recalculate PMV and PPD based on the information as logged.

PMV Index (Predicted Mean Vote) and PPD (Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied).

This HD32.3 -CV version is equiped with a small tripod for 'table use'. The probes are connected directly to the instrument.
The HD32.3A -CV is the version with a rugged tripod that is adjustable up to 1,5 meter. 

Ready to use for PMV/PPD measurements.
The CV version is complete supplied with:

- Relative humidity and temperature combined probe HP3217R.2
- Omnidirectional hotwire probe AP3203.2
- Globe temperature probe TP3276.2 - 50mm
- Power supply SWD10
- Windows software Deltalog10
- USB cable to connect to PC
- Table tripod
- Manual
- Rugged carrying case

ADD the natural ventilation wet bulb temperature probe (HP3201.2) to make this instrument also suitable to measure WBGT.

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HD32.3 -CV Direct reading of PMV/PPD - WBGT (table top)

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