HD2114P.0 -CV Airspeed meter, 2-55m/sec. (add Pitot tube)

Micromanometer-Thermometer for air speed and flow rate measurement by means of Pitot tubes. Direct reading in airspeed: the Square Root calculation is done by the instrument. For flow rate measurments, you can enter the duct diameter and the instrument will calulate the flow directly.

Pitot tubes to measure airspeed from from 2...55m/s can be connected directly to the instrument with silicon tubes.
The instrument also has a connection for temperature measurement (Themocouple type K).

Rugged version with IP 66 protection degree. 

We supply the CV: the Complete Version, including:
- rugged carrying case, 4 non rechargeable batteries
- instruction manual
- (optional) you can add the pitot tube of your choice
- (optional) you can add the SWD10, power supply 110-230VAC.

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HD2114P.0 -CV Airspeed meter, 2-55m/sec. (add Pitot tube)

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  • HD2114P.0 -CV Airspeed meter, 2-55m/sec. (add Pitot tube)

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