Guidense TDR100 Guided Wave Radar level measurement

  • Universal = Suitable for liquids, solids including dusty powders, granules, liquids, solvents, emulsions, dispersions, slurries etc.;

  • Straightforward = Modular design, only the (passive) mechanical antenna changes for the purpose of the application;

  • Low-power = Suitable for battery powered (data logging) installations;

  • Reliable = The GWR technology is hardly affected by the envronmental circumstances and most physical properties of the product to be measured;

  • Easy mounting = Only a very few mounting and installation limitations;

  • Confident = 4-wire design for a more powerful signal transmission, which results in a better signal-to-noise ratio;

  • Powerful = Distinctive and innovative signal analysis and Disturbance Signal Suppression (DSS) eliminates false reflections;

  • Easy commissioning = Apart from min-max range settings, only 6 (six!) parameter settings to optimize all suitable level applications.

The Guidense TDR will provide you a stable, repeatable and accurate level measurement (±3mm or 0.03% of measured distance) independent from varying dielectric constant, viscosity, density, vapor, pressure, turbulence, foam, dust, temperature and/or condensation for process conditions up to 40 bars and 150°C (optional up till 250°C).
Even difficult tank shapes and geometries or measuring next to disturbing influences, e. g. obstacles in the tank or tank walls will not cause problems. The robust Guidense TDR has practically no mounting restrictions and offers maximum reliable measurement under all conditions and may also be mounted inside of bypass chambers or surge pipes.

Principle of Operation
Microwave pulses are transmitted along a cable or rod probe to the liquid or solid being measured. At the point where the wave meets the product surface it is reflected by the product. The device automatically calculates the distance to the pulse reflection using time of flight & time expansion. The intensity of the reflection depends on the dielectric constant of the product. The instrument measures the time between emission and reception of the signal which is proportional to the distance.

The Guidense TDR-Series offers high-end measurement technology with a straightforward, compact and modular design with an unbeatable price-performance.

Who surpasses GWR? Try the Guidense TDR100!

Standard Guidense TDR100 configuration is equipped with a 2.500 mm wire rope probe including counterweight

(may be shortened on site)

Supply voltage : 12 to 30V DC (reverse-polarity protected)
Output : active analog (4...20 mA) output according the continuous level measurement.
Enclosure material Aluminium alloy EN AC-AlSi9Cu3 (cover O-ring: silicone rubber)
Protective rating IP68 / NEMA6P
Cable entries : 2 pieces, M20 x 1,5
Process connection thread G 3/4 A standard optional 3/4” NPT, flanges on request
Wire rope probe : length 2500mm, diameter 4mm including counterweight diameter 22mm
Max. tensile load wire rope probe max. 5kN 
Wetted materials : PEEK & stainless steel 1.4401 / 316
Process temperature                     : -40°C to +150°C
Process pressure : -1 bar to 40 bar
Accuracy ±3mm or 0.03% of measured distance, whichever is greatest

Other lengths and probes on request. Please click the link below for more information.

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Guidense TDR100 Guided Wave Radar level measurement

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  • Guidense TDR100 Guided Wave Radar level measurement
  • Guidense TDR100 Guided Wave Radar level measurement
  • Guidense TDR100 Guided Wave Radar level measurement
  • Guidense TDR100 Guided Wave Radar level measurement
  • Guidense TDR100 Guided Wave Radar level measurement

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