HD52.3D Ultrasonic: Wind speed/ direction

A very reliable and low maintenance system to measure windspeed and winddirection. Heavy duty, rugged. With serial connections (RS232/ RS485/ RS422 - Modbus, SDI12).

The unit has a built-in compass so setting up is easy and fast. 

Available types in webshop:
HD52.3D: windspeed and direction
HD52.3DR: heating, windspeed and direction, heated version.
HD52.3D17: windspeed, winddirection, air temperature and RH.
HD52.3D17R: windspeed, winddirection, air temperature and RH, heated version.

For availability of other types please send us an e-mail.

Advantages of this system:
- Available with many options to use as compact weather station
- Easy to install (with internal compass)
- All possible serial connections
- Wind speed/ direction also as 4-20mA

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HD52.3D Ultrasonic: Wind speed/ direction

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  • HD52.3D Ultrasonic: Wind speed/ direction

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