Sensori Online Sensor Platform

Extract insights and knowledge online from your sensor data with Sensori

  • Platform SaaS

No software licences, Sensori is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) for a ‘All-in’ service fee per period of time.

  • Easy and low entry

Reliable, Open, Scalable and Secure (https).

  • New features

New features, developments and upgrades are continuous shared with all customers and users.

  • Managed service

No software to install. No licenses to manage. No maintenance: a rock solid data network.

  • Monitoring

All your sensors will be kept track of if they connect via predefined schedules.

  • User management

Add or manage users within your organisation so that you all may have access to your sensors.

  • Emails & SMS text notifications

Receive notifications via email and/or SMS text message when of instance a threshold is hit or some other alarm is generated by your sensors.

  • Connect all device types

Sensori accepts logfiles and data messages via HTTP, SMS, FTP, LoraWan, Sigfox, and other protocols of devices with over mobile internet like 2G (GPRS), 3G and 4G.

  • Aggregated values

Transform multiple data points into new valuable data points (derived values).

  • Acknowledge alarms

Keep track of which alarms have already been acknowledged by any of your colleagues.

  • Access control

Get real fine control over what users can see and or do what within your organisation.

  • Dashboard demo

Publicly shareable dashboards via direct access links.

All-in service costs per RTU /data logger or DAC-Module (max. 16 Objects/ TAG's) € 24,95* per month
*Payment in advance for minimum 1 year contract duration.

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Sensori Online Sensor Platform

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  • Sensori Online Sensor Platform
  • Sensori Online Sensor Platform
  • Sensori Online Sensor Platform
  • Sensori Online Sensor Platform

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