CV7-V-420 Ultrasonic: Wind speed/ direction, 4-20mA outputs.

Small size ultrasonic wind sensor: measures windspeed and wind direction. The sensor itself is only 64mmØ and 41mm high.

Supplied with a vertical mounting bracket and 25 meter cable, direct output RS232/RS422 NMEA0183. Also available with USB output or SDI12.

Power supply 8-32VDC, only 9 mA. Ideal for solar powered systems. 
The CV7-V-420 version is equiped with an IP65 connection box that supplies 2 direct 4-20mA outputs that are linear with windspeed (0-40 m/sec) and wind direction (0-359°). The electronics need 24VDC power that is in this case, also used to power the sensor. It makes an ideal combination for building automation purposes and industrial windmeasurements.

Simple and rugged with high accuracy: no moving parts.

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CV7-V-420 Ultrasonic: Wind speed/ direction, 4-20mA outputs.

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