HD2305.0 -CV pH meter + pH sensor

The HD2305.0 is a portable instrument with a large LCD display. It measures the pH and the redox potential (ORP) in mV. It measures the temperature using Pt100 or Pt1000 immersion, penetration or contact probes.
The electrode calibration can be carried out on one, two or three points at 4.01pH, 6.86pH and 9.18pH.
The temperature probes are equipped with an automatic recognition module and factory calibration data are stored inside.
The Max, Min and Avg function calculate the maximum, minimum or average values.
Other functions include: the relative measurement REL, the Auto-HOLD function, and the automatic turning off that can also be excluded.
IP67 protection degree.

CV version is supplied compete with:
- pH electrode KP30: Gel pH combined electrode for general use, 1m cable with BNC, EPOXY body
- TP87: PT100 sensor immersion probe. Ø 3 mm, 70 mm. Cable length 1 m.
- Batteries, manual.
- In rugged case.

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HD2305.0 -CV pH meter + pH sensor

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