ISO7730 - ISO7726, PMV/PPD - thermal comfort

ISO7730 - ISO7726, PMV/PPD - thermal comfort

Measurement of thermal comfort according to ISO7730 and ISO7726

Building zero energy buildings is relatively 'simple' these days. But what about the practical side when it is about thermal comfort in these buildings? This depends a lot on the correct setting and adjustment of the building automation system.

It is common knowlegde that a comfortable work environment is one of the parameters that assures good productivity and a higher output. Measuring PMV and PPD according to Fanger is the standard method to define thermal comfort.

We provide the perfect solution to make a quick scan or to measure during a longer period: the HD32.3(A)-CV instruments are easy to use and simple to handle. We supply the instruments complete with software, cables and power supply, ready to start!

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