M853-PS Data logger - solar powered - 2G(GPRS) - 5 AI + 3 DI : autonomous

The M853 is a fully autonomous Data Acquisition & Communication Module for datalogging in a wide range of applications, where at remote site isn't any infrastructure available. The M853 is often used for meteorological applications, including AWS (Automatic Weather Stations), agriculture (cultivation), remote tank + silo monitoring for automatic replenishment and registering counting sensors and instruments like energy meters or flowmeters.

The M853 can also power the connected instruments and sensors from the integrated solar panel with rechargeable battery pack. This self providing cellular data logger is costs saving, because external solar panels, separate batteries, external cellular modem and encapsulating cabinet are not required : all is onboard and inclusive.

Shortly: as long as your sensor, instrument, or (field)device has an analog or digital output, you can take advantage of the versatile features of the M853.

  • Power supply by an integrated 1Wp solar panel
  • Complete with 3x AA NiMH charger in cover panel
  • Sensor excitation 200mA @12V DC, 5V DC or 24V DC
  • 2x current (0/4...20mA) inputs
  • 2x voltage (0...10V) inputs
  • 1x potentiometer input (max. 10M Ohm)
  • 3x digital status or pulse counter (max. 10kHz) inputs
  • Optional serial RS232/RS485 communication port
  • Serial supports: ASCII, Modbus RTU/ASCII, NMEA-0183, SDI-12
  • 2G (GPRS) communications, optional 3G/ 4G or LTE-M
  • TCP, FTP(S), HTTP(S), Email and MQTT
  • Remote configuration (from any dynamic IP address)
  • 4GB memory (micro-SD)
  • Readable log files in CSV, TXT or JSON format
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate IP68 enclosure for outdoor use
  • Optional battery or DC powered: -PB or PD version
  • Fully integrated at Sensori online Sensor Platform

The data logger has 4 analog and 3 digital inputs; 2x current 0(4)...20mA, 2x voltage (0...10 Volt DC) inputs and 3x status /counter /pulse inputs (max. 10 kHz). The digital inputs are meant for e.g. (ON/OFF and alarm) contacts, energy- and flowmeters, rain gauges (tipping bucket) etc. The digital inputs are interrupt driven which means that not any pulse can be missed, even when the data logger is in 'sleep-mode' to preserve power. The sensor inputs can be easily expanded with approx. 16 Modbus slaves through the optional RS232/RS485 communication port or by the SDI-12 protocol.

The M853 will log all the measured values of the configured inputs with an adjustable time interval and this log file will be transmitted via a mobile cellular network with the configurable transmission time interval. The log file can be transmitted to every computer or (cloud)server using TCP, FTP, HTTP, MQTT and/or Email, but a 'Plug & Play' solution with total control can be gained together with the fully integrated Sensori online Sensor Platform. Alerts and alarms are distributed and send via Email and/or SMS text message even including adjustable increased logging frequency and internal diagnostics may send alarm messages including battery capacity, voltage level, current consumption, temperature and GSM signal strength.

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M853-PS Data logger - solar powered - 2G(GPRS) - 5 AI + 3 DI : autonomous

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