BTB65 Talkbox: calibrated acoustic signal source - STIPA

Every STIPA or STI (Speech Transmission Index) measurement, whether it is with the SM50 STIPA meter or any other device, needs a source for the STIPA test signal. The Talkbox is the most reliable and accurate source on the market. This Talkbox can be used as an electronic signal source by utilizing the line-out connection. Or it can be used as a calibrated acoustic signal source, due to its integrated loudspeaker. The Talkbox is designed to accurately play the STIPA test signal, as well as several other test signals. The device features an interactive LCD touchscreen to show,which allows you to easily control all features and monitor its settings at a glance.


  • Plays STIPA test signals according to IEC-60268-16 rev. 4 (2011) and draft rev. 5 (2016)
  • Plays noise (pink, white), sine waves (125 - 8000 Hz) and sweeps.
  • Also plays back calibrated speech signals, to announce the beginning and end of tests and to obtain a subjective impression of speech intelligibility while testing (male and female speech, US, UK, SP, FR, GE, NL).
  • Signals are played back with automatically calibrated spectrum and level (no user calibration needed - optional adjustment of nominal level).
  • Can also be used as an electronic signal source through the featured line-out jack.
  • Has a 3.5mm jack line-in to use the TalkBox as a powered loudspeaker with computers and smartphones.
  • Technical specifications

Loudspeaker frequency range 20 - 15,000 Hz
Plays back signal at a standardized (calibrated) signal levels of 54-72 dB(A) @ 1m
Signal level can be increased/decreased relative to nominal level to test dynamics
Powered through external power supply (included)

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BTB65 Talkbox: calibrated acoustic signal source - STIPA

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  • BTB65 Talkbox: calibrated acoustic signal source - STIPA

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